Why Choose Us

Rigorous Due Diligence

We carry out rigorous due diligence on any residential property that we are looking to acquire so that we can be assured that we are both achieving a win-win goal.

Tailored solutions to suit your situation

After our initial fact finding consultation, we offer a viable and win-win solution to property owners and investors thereby helping you to sell your property as soon as possible.

Speed and certainty

Unlike estate agents, we offer you speed, certainty and a seamless solution whether you are a property owner, landlord or investor looking to sell your property within the shortest time possible.

Guaranteed sale at a discounted purchase

We seek to purchase properties at a discounted price thereby only purchase from property owners, landlords or developers willing to accept a lower offer than they are asking for in return for a speedy and guaranteed sale.

Quick access to finance

Our goal is to complete within the shortest time possible, this means that we have a dedicated team of professionals and finance in place hence enabling us to achieve a quick acquisitions.

Fully compliant and industry regulations

Our company is fully compliant and registered with various regulatory bodies, organisations and through a third party in order to protect property owners and investors.