Who We Work With

Our typical clientele includes both local and national investment property owners and landlords. These are usually existing and prospective property owners looking for viable alternative solutions and options of starting, operating and managing their investment properties or a portfolio – either hands-on or hands-off. Some of these, if not most of them are usually individuals with busy lives looking for alternative hands-off property management or existing property owners simply looking to transition or explore alternative options of operating or managing their properties.

We therefore work with the following:

  • First time/prospective property owners
  • Existing/experienced property owners
  • Existing and prospective landlords
  • Developers

SIX ways PPS helps individual property owners and landlords

Here at PPS we have six ways in which we help existing and potential property owners and landlords:

  1. We offer one-to-one consultation with all our clients to understand their specific property investment needs and requirements.
  2. We help you explore viable alternative solutions and options to starting, operating and managing your investment property or portfolio that suit your investment goals.
  3. We help you implement the process of starting, operating and managing your investment property or portfolio.
  4. We help you to conduct and carry out all the relevant due diligence of your preferred option.
  5. We help make connections with other property professionals i.e. legal advisors, brokers, funders, property managers, developers, valuers, estate agents etc on hand to help with all aspects of operating and managing your property.
  6. We help with the finding or connect you to potential and vetted occupiers/tenants looking for either short or long term accommodation.